Arco Iris Learning

​"The children were captivated, it was so rewarding."

​Nurturing primary school children's creative & contemplative photography skills through an innovative programme of learning for over 10 years.

​"Never have we experienced mindfulness and spirituality delivered in such a creative and engaging way."

​"...proved to be such a brilliant way of teaching the kids all about different techniques for taking a great picture."


For over ten years, Arco Iris Learning has successfully delivered Contemplative and Creative Photography sessions for primary school children.

Using an innovative programme of learning, the children are able to develop their photographic skills in each session. Allowing the children to gain an increase in confidence and be nurtured through their creative ability.

Arco Iris Learning is led by Maria Wojciechowska-Caneda who has over 20 years experience working within Primary Education, she also has experience in consultancy roles for various London stakeholders.

As Director & Creative Learning Facilitator at Arco Iris Learning, Maria currently delivers all of the content.


Arco Iris Learning is able to provide bespoke photogaphy sessions for primary school children that focus on both the contemplative and creative. The impact that these sessions can have on a childs confidence and also their mental health and wellbeing can be remarkable.

Creative Photography

  • Each session follows the same format.
  • Each session has a theme and a photographic skill to develop, eg: Animals and composition.
  • There is an initial teaching input and inspiration session.
  • The children are then able to practise the photographic skills for that session with a chosen object from the theme.
  • The children are encouraged to share their images with each other and provide positive feedback as well as recommendations.
  • Session lasts 1 hour

Contemplative Photography

  • Each session follows the same format.
  • Each session begins with an introduction of the session, story from the Bible or a picture book.
  • The children are led through an imaginative guided exercise in relation to the theme.
  • The children use an object linked with the theme to create a contemplative photograph.
  • The children have an opportunity to think about wonder questions about the photos they have created or the imaginative experience.
  • The session finishes with a short meditation and stillness experience.
  • Session lasts 1 hour

Mindful Walking & Photography

  • Each session follows a similar format.
  • These sessions run once per half term, 6 in total throughout the year. Usually on a Sunday.
  • During each session there will be a seasonal aspect to the session.
  • There is a guided element to the session and an opportunity to create the contemplative photography.
  • Session will usually run in all weathers unless it is unsafe to do so.
  • Walk is based in the SE London area unless otherwise stated.
  • Session lasts 1 hour
  • Limited to 8 places
  • Simple first aid kit available.
  • Dates to be confirmed
  • Family sessions also available

CPD for primary colleagues

  • The CPD available for 2022 for primary schools is entitled ‘Seeing with the eyes of your heart’. This quote is taken from Ephesians 1:18 in the Bible.
  • This training is available online or in person.
  • To begin with there is an opportunity to develop understanding surrounding nurturing spirituality in Christian based schools and theological knowledge about ‘prayer pathways.
  • There is then an opportunity to take part in a contemplative photography session and short meditation stillness experience.
  • All schools who receive a CPD session are eligible to borrow contemplative items to photograph from the lending library for free.
  • Session lasts 1 hour


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